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"Playing is an activity that cannot be taken seriously enough."

Jacques-Yves Cousteau 

Our game is creativity

The more we play, the more creative we get. Sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, sometimes stylish, sometimes playful. There is no contradiction in the design process. Clear guidelines and fixed deadlines are a welcome framework for us to continue to be professionally creative.

The freedom to play, to juggle ideas, to go new and unusual paths - that is our way of creating unique and individual solutions for our customers. The best results come from having fun in creative work. The more fun we have in the process, the more creative our products become.

We love to play, we love to do our work. We love to surprise you and still create exactly what you want.

Whatever your purpose, let's play the game together.



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Graphic Design

Corporate design, logotypes, catalogs, flyers, brochures, posters, typography design ... Presentations and everything you need for your visual identity.

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Web design for your online presence, whether it is a web editor, Wix or online shop. You can maintain your website yourself with no complications and without programming.


Films, show reels, music videos, events, commercials, motion graphics, documentaries and everything you want to tell through moving images.


Pictures speak all languages.

Tell your story in pictures, comics, storyboards, or simply as pictograms.


Exhibitions, events and multimedia art projects that are simply good for our soul and what we ourselves have to say to the world.



DESIGN (selection)

VDA QMC - Graphic Design (Int.)
ARBEITERKIND - Graphic Design (Germany)
CAMPUS GREEN - Graphic & Web Design (Germany)
ZEN HOME ART - Visual Identity, Graphic & Web Design (Zagreb)
KARMA BABY KARMA - Graphic Design (Berlin)
AKASHA MINDFULNESS - Logo, Graphic & Web Design (Brüssel)
LINIE 52 DENTAL PRACTICE - Graphic Design (Berlin)
SHOOT & POST - Logo & Web Design (Berlin)
COACHANGE - Logo & Webdesign (Berlin)
BALANCE YOUR LIFE -  Logo, Grafik & Web Design (Munich)
COMPETEAM - Visual Identity, Logo & Graphic Design (Munich)
HEALIOS - Graphic Design & Web Layout (UK)
DEUTSCH PLUS eV - Voices Workshop Logo (Berlin)
PEGGY LEE POSTPRODUCTION - Graphic & Web Design (Berlin)
KLANGSCHALLEN & GLOCKEN - Graphic & Web Design (Berlin)
TIERTAFEL EV - Illustration, graphic design (Berlin)
HANEL NATURSTEIN - Web design (Wertingen)
WIND & WINE CROATIA - Logo, web design (USA, Zagreb)
LOS GALLOS HERMANOS - Logo, Webdesign, Online Shop (Berlin)
ADVANCED LABORATORY - Logo, Graphic Design (Zagreb)
NOMADRIA - Logo, web design (Zagreb)
TELL DR TOM - Web Design (London)
AMORE TANGO - Logo, web design (Berlin)
THIMON VON BERLEPSCH - Logo, Graphic Design (Berlin)
YOGA SAILING - graphic design (London, Zagreb)
GUTE UKULELE - Logo & Webdesign (Berlin)
WANAWAKE - Web Design (Berlin)
IFIT - Logo, web design (Institute for Improvisation Technology, Berlin)
FACES CLUB - Graphic Design (Berlin)
LIZA LOUNGE - Visual Identity, Graphic Design & Visuals (Berlin)
SNOW LOUNGE - Visual Identity, Graphic & Web Design, Illustration, Industrial Design (Sierra Nevada, Spain)
FEB - Multimedia Presentation off-line for Sonar 2000 (Barcelona)
CALDERA - Visual Identity, Graphic Design (Barcelona)
WOMAN CABALLERO - Visual Identity, Graphic Design (Barcelona)
FQF PRODUCCIONS - Visual Identity, Graphic Design (Barcelona)
ERA - Visual identity, Logo, Graphic Design (Barcelona)
MENTAL ARCHITEXTURE - Art Direction (Barcelona, Berlin)
ATLANTIC GROUP - Graphic Design (Ibiza, Barcelona)
AMNESIA - Visual Identity, Logo, Graphic Design (Ibiza, Barcelona)


VIDEO & VISUALS (selection)


WELEDA - Motion Graphics (image film, international)
SONY - Motion Graphics for LED (Midem, Cannes)
MINI - DVD and Live Visuals (Mini Cabrio Event, Munich)
RED BULL - Motion Graphics & Event Documentation (Air Race Berlin)
ERNST & YOUNG - Motion Graphics (Intern Film, Germany)
LEONARDO - LED Live Visuals (Frankfurt)  
BAUHAUS INSTITUTE - Documentary subtitles (Dessau)
UTOPIA - Motion Graphics (Conference & Award Event, Berlin)
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - Motion Graphics (Image Film, Berlin)
WAHL - Video production, DVD Visuals (International)
HEINZ NIXDORF MUSEUMSFORUM PADERBORN - Motion Graphics LED (Lightning Fair, Paderborn)
LIGHT AND BUILDING - LED Projection (International Trade Fair for Architecture and Technology, Frankfurt)
BREAD & BUTTER - Live Visuals (Berlin)
DEUTSCHE AIDSHILFE & GMF - Live Visuals (30 years DAH, Berlin)
ROOM DIVISION - LED Live Visuals (Frankfurt)
LIQUIDROM - DVD & Live Visuals (Artist of the month, Berlin)
ARENA - 360° Live Visuals & Videoinstallation (Berlin)
RAUMLABOR - Documentary film post production (Berlin)
THEATER AM HALLESCHEN UFER - Documentary projection (Berlin)
QUADRIGA - Motion Graphics (Image Film, Berlin)
JUNGE HELDEN e.V. - DVD & Live Visuals (Bühl, Berlin)
INTERCHAOS FILM - Documentary film Pilot (Jakarta, Berlin)
FASSADEN REPUBLIK - Video projection (Berlin)
DER BERG - Animation projection (Palast der Republik, Berlin)
POP DE EUROPE 2005 - Video Ambient projection (Berlin)
BOB YOUNG EVENTS - Live Visuals (Quasar Event, Berlin)
D-LOUNGE - Live Visuals (Fashion meets Art, Bühl)
NEKTAR - Live Visuals (Munich)
FUSION - Live Visuals (Music Festival, Airport Lärz)
CONTRE TEMPS -  Live Visuals (Festival, Strassburg)
LIZA LOUNGE - Live Visuals (Berlin)
MUSEO DE AGUA Y ARBOL VILADRAU - 2x CD-ROM, 10 Min Interactive animation (Viladrau, Spain)

EXHIBITIONS  (selection)

ART IN ISOLATION (NV Galerija, Virtual Event, Int. Exhibtion, 2020)

HEISE ART PRICE - Illustration (Group Exhibition, Dessau)
DAS IST WALTER - Illustration (Group Exhibition, Berlin)
DMY Nachtschicht - Open Studio Night (International Design Festival, Berlin)
KUNST ODER KÖNIGIN - DVD Präsentation und Projektion (Arena, Berlin)
SKANBUL CONNECTION - Multimedia Installation (Biennale, Istanbul)
DESIGNMAI - Moods DVD Präsentation (International Design Festival, Berlin)
CONSPIRACY THEORIES - Video Installation (HAU, Berlin)
SUMMER STAGE FESTIVAL - Outdoor Space Design (Festival, Barcelona)
ZGRAF - Exhibition of graphic design and visual communications (Zagreb)




Moderator & Nutrition Coach

Thank you very much for your excellent work again! I am really happy with it!



A thousand thanks for your great commitment to the end! The site really is the best version of myself! Stay gold!

Zen Home Art

The human soul aspires to rise out of the plane of existence, aspires to make time for the creation, realization and development of its potential, which it in cooperation with other "kin" souls of man, besides worrying about sustenance forming a network of threads of mutual support. When something like this happens, it's natural to feel grateful.


Actress & speaker

I love working with professionals !!!


Thank you for the great cooperation and impressive results. I was very happy and wish more!



14 years young and already painting at the "School for Applied Art and Design" in Zagreb - Majda immortalized her worldview in the form of illustration, graphics and comics. The "applied art" was to determine Majda´s life from now on.

Between coffee and dumpling culture, she cast an anchor in beautiful Vienna in 1992 and studied at the "University of Applied Arts".

Under the strict supervision of their teachers, design was on the curriculum in the morning, photography, composition at noon and art and cultural history in the evening. Without diligence, no prize and without prizes, no trip: the all-rounder received an annual scholarship in 1997 for the "Elisava" (University of Design, Barcelona). Majda quickly realized: There is a life after Vienna!

After successfully completing her diploma as Magistra Artium (Vienna), she returned to Barcelona. Gaudi showed her that anything is possible. In 1999 she founded the concept design studio "Mental Architexture" with the artist Y. Andren. After several years and successful design projects, Majda was once again attracted by the call from afar and she followed it without resistance.  

It should be Amsterdam and Sweden before she decided in 2004 to pick up the knitting needles in Europe's artistic and design ball, Berlin. In 2006 she created the MMAD STUDIO in Berlin that unites a pool of international designers and artists. And since Majda has enough creativity and input, she's still knitting today!  


Majda - Textkreation_bearbeitet.jpg



Berlin, Zagreb, World

Tel: +49 (0) 30 5888 9316



We are there for you personally and are happy to arrange live meetings as well as virtual appointments via Skype, Zoom, or Jitsy. Just send us your project request with one or two preferred dates by email, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to new creative projects with you!

Ps. We speak German, English, Spanish, Croatian ...

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